Welcome to The Young Money Project

Hey, you! We’re so glad you’ve landed at The Young Money Project to take control of your financial future.

Being a [young] adult is hard. There are so many choices and it seems like each decision you face will either make or break your future. So when it comes to finances (a real biggie) we want to make your life a little easier. Whether you’re a high school student looking for advice before flying the nest or a young adult out of college, The Young Money Project is here for tips, tricks, and advice. And we promise it won’t be boring or nagging like parents tend to be. Or, if you don’t have those pain in the neck parents, we’re here to take you under our wings.

So who are we exactly?

We’re Mr. and Mrs. The Young Money Project (TYMP), a young (is 30 still young?) married couple that has been together since our formative teenage years. Starting in high school we both worked and valued every penny. Our young adult finances reflect that and yours can too.

Living just outside Washington D.C. with our son, Little Mister TYMP, doesn’t come cheap, but we’ve found a way to live comfortably and buy a house far earlier than the average couple in our area. Plus, be debt free and have a six-figure nest egg! Want to learn how we do it? Stick around for a while and we’ll show you.

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