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Save Money With High Quality Products That Cost More

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Stop squinting your eyes. You read that title right.

Everyone can save money by spending more on high quality products. In fact, there is an old saying that goes something like “I’m too poor to buy cheap products.” And it’s true.

Let’s talk about something probably everyone owns — jeans. Denim can be purchased in practically every clothing store. It’s as timeless as a white t-shirt, but much like it’s classic wardrobe counterparts, the product quality can vary depending on the store.

I’ll use Mr. TYMP as an example because we’re married and I get to pick on him. It says so in our wedding contract…he should have read the fine print. I digress.

Mr. TYMP loves a good deal. He’s frugal, doesn’t buy clothes often, and will wear them even when there are holes in the crotch (that’s when I throw them out behind his back). Now for years he has gone to Old Navy to buy jeans and spends around $25/pair. Well guess what? He likes to break out in dance…and a lot of times it’s accompanied by a rrrrriiiiipppp.

After a while it gets old replacing your tattered jeans, it did for Mr. TYMP. So now he tends to buy slightly higher quality jeans that he finds at places like Nordstrom Rack. He ends up paying around $40, but the jeans don’t rip. Over time he will spend less on jeans even though he’s paying more because the product lasts longer.


Now before you whip out your credit card and go crazy buying designer products, we need to have a talk about the rules.

Rule 1: Designer labels and well-known brands do not necessarily equal quality.

Rule 2: Just because something is priced higher doesn’t mean it is a high quality product.

Rule 3: Learn the real value of the product and the materials. Example: the beauty industry is ripe for markups. Skincare products can tell you they lift and firm with unicorn dust, that’s why it’s $150/oz. In reality, the formulations might be very similar to a drugstore product. But you don’t know until you do your research.

Rule 4: Read reviews before you buy. Don’t just go into a store and purchase a product, silly. There’s the internet for that. Seriously, you can get reviews for just about anything these days, so take the time to look it up before making a commitment. Reviewers will provide the 4-1-1 on whether or not the product held up over time.

Rule 5: Buy from stores that have good return policies. Places like Costco back up their products. If you don’t like something, return it at any time, no questions asked. Retailers that have those guarantees are more likely to carry goods that satisfy customers.

Rule 6: Sometimes the high quality product isn’t worth the investment.


Ready for a game? Let’s play this or that to test your knowledge of high quality products worth investing in. We’ll use commonly owned goods to make it fair (click on the products to get more details). Be sure to read through to the end for the quiz answers!

Item 1: Cookware




Lodge Cast Iron Pans for around $36

All-Clad Non-Stick Pans for around $60

Item 2: iPhone Charging Cable




Apple Branded iPhone Charger for around $12

Anker iPhone Charger for around $9

Item 3: Flats for Women




TOMS Womens Flats for around $28

Viscata Barcelona Espadrilles for around $55




Item 1 Value Winner: Cast iron! In this case, your best bet would be to avoid the name brand pans and go for a solid cast iron. Non-stick pans tend to wear out fairly quickly, while cast iron will last you a lifetime if you take care of it properly.

Item 2 Value Winner: The Anker iPhone charger. Yes, it’s cheaper, but paying for the Apple name isn’t worth it in this case. You’re getting exceptional quality from Anker and that’s backed up by better reviews than what comes with the actual iPhone.

Item 3 Value Winner: Viscata Barcelona’s espadrilles. This one might have been tricky. Why does the famous TOMS brand lose? A few reasons: 1. Viscata Barcelona makes high quality shoes that will last longer than TOMS 2. The espadrille is a classic style that will outlive the now-trendy TOMS 3. Viscata Barcelona shoes have an incredible footbed making them way more enjoyable to wear. So yes, here you should spend more money because the payoff is worth the investment.

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